Don't replace scratched glass. Save time, money and hassle. Repair it!

Why choose to repair scratched glass?

  • Glass repair is cost effective. Repairing scratched glass can potentially save you hundreds of dollars compared to replacement.
  • Glass scratch removal is fast and easy. You don't have to wait for new glass to be ordered, shipped and installed. The damage can be fixed right away!

  • Glass scratch removal provides a great looking result. You will be amazed!

  • We can repair even the harshest damage from all types of glass, from light rubs to deeper scratches that catch your fingernail. They can also remove hard water spots, acid etching, welding slag, paint over spray and other imperfections.
  • Once the damage has been repaired, the glass can then be protected from future damage with an Anti Graffiti film. Or a glass coating may be applied to protect the glass from the elements and provide for easy cleaning.

  • Glass repair can help save the environment. Did you know that most glass is not recycled? Repair your damaged glass and keep it out of our landfills. Learn more about the environmental benefits of glass repair.

    Repair your scratched glass.

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